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Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator

“How to start a wildly profitable 6-figure business from scratch, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience”

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Huge $500USD Discount Off Course Price, with upfront or part-payment options

Delivered by Sam Ovens, CEO of, Rags-to-Riches Millionaire and World-Leading Consultant

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Private Facebook Community with 13,500+ Active Members. Get Your Burning Questions Resolved Quickly.

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Program Designed to Get Your First High Value Client in 42 Days

Self-Paced Online Modules + Professional Hard-Copy Boxset. Go at Your Own Speed

With just a Laptop and Phone you can Work from Anywhere as a Consultant. Keep Overheads Low and Profits High

Weekly Q&A Calls with Sam Ovens + The Consulting Accelerator Community. Learn Alongside Millionaires.

Proven Process | Winning Community | New Paradigm | Expert Mentorship

Dave Rogenmosser

From 9-5 job to 7-figures in 13 months

Brittany Brown
(Binge Eating)

From “scattered” to $30K per month

Andrew Argue

From $17K per month to 8 figures

Jessica Ward
(Digital Marketing)

Doubled her income in 7 months

Raglan Tribe
(Corporate Management)

From maxed-out salary to $360K per year

Hailey Tambasco
(Mortgage Broking)

Mum-of-2 doing consulting on the side

Designed To Transform

“Will this really work for me?” is the question on everybody’s mind.

Introvert > Confident salesperson

Extrovert > Disciplined when alone

Scattered > Laser-focused on one goal

Random > Strategic step-by-step attack

Become who you need to be for success.

From Ape to Man
Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is delivered via online modules at and supported via a physical boxset of resources.
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Proven & Tested by 13k Students

Fully optimised course content (version 2.0) based on years of student implementation.

No technical skills or previous business experience required.

Just follow the step-by-step system to get your first high-paying client in 42 days.

A Community of Success

From seasoned businesspeople to work-from-home parents, Consulting Accelerator is guaranteed to help anyone work on their own terms and get paid what they’re truly worth.

Network with millionaires and grow alongside motivated entrepreneurs who want more from themselves and life.

Consulting Community
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This is an opportunity for you to talk about you and explore how Consulting Accelerator can help you start or grow your business.

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There is NO sales pitch at the end!

*Only available to those who sign-up for a free trial.

Bowen Douglas | Inner Fire Consultant

Want my honest thoughts on Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator course?

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Common Questions

Yes. The retail price is currently $1,997USD (upfront payment) or 5x $597 (monthly payments).

The discounted price is $1,497USD (upfront payment) or 5x $497USD (monthly payments).

Sam’s a smart guy. He knows that large-scale growth comes via building a great product (tick), a community that has proven results of success (tick) and creating incentives for people to share his program so it grows virally.

Be aware that this discount and trial may be removed at any time.

The only thing that life rewards is action, so you’ll need to take baby steps toward your own success to access these.

Action Bonus 1 (“How To Choose The Right Niche” guide) is sent to you as soon as you request an invitation.

Action Bonus 2 (60min coaching call) can be booked in once you sign up for the free trial of Consulting Accelerator.

Action Bonus 3 (“Consultant Tech Stack Guide”) will be sent to you directly once you purchase Consulting Accelerator.

All 3 bonuses are exclusive, proprietary offers and cannot be found anywhere else.

No. I personally took the time to put together this page, host it and keep it up-to-date.

There are no affiliate links on this page, however through the invitation system there is a commission offered.

With that said, the purpose of this review was that I wanted to provide this resource for others who are on their own journey to “escape the 9-5” and get paid what they’re truly worth.

All opinions and comments on this page are mine and mine alone, and I have no direct connection with Sam or his staff. I’m willing to back what I say and this program carries my full personal endorsement. I don’t “hide” behind anonymity on the internet (unlike many others promoting this course).

Once you receive your invitation via email, you’ll be given 2 options:

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NOTE: Once you receive your invitation via email, you only have 7 days to access the trial or make use of the discount.

Once you receive your invitation via email, use the second option to setup a trial account.

You will need a Credit Card to setup an account, however you won’t be charged UNLESS your trial account is still active after 7 days.

During the setup process you will need to select whether the automated billing should deduct the (discounted) lump sum or payment-by-installments once the 7 days is up.

You can easily cancel the automatic billing from your dashboard at any time!

NOTE: Once you receive your invitation via email, you only have 7 days to access the trial or make use of the discount.

If you haven’t received your access details shortly after submitting your request then please check your spam/promotions folder.

If you think something may have gone wrong during the sign-up process just send me an email via

You will have 7 days to access all the content from Week 1 and part of Week 2 of the Consulting Accelerator course.

This content covers everything you need to know regarding choosing a niche, conducting market research and beginning to redesign your mindset for success.

The $500USD discount to access the full course will expire after 7 days.

There are 3 important things to know:

  1. The refund is only valid for up to 14 days after purchase
  2. You must ship the entire physical product that you receive back to us, including the course workbooks, at your expense
  3. The refund is action-based. You must complete and upload all of the action items from the first 2 weeks of the course.

For further details contact Sam’s team directly via or Live Chat at

Yes. I joined the program in December 2017.

Initially I thought I would investigate the training and probably get a refund , but I was so impressed with the course content that I kept it.

See here for a full write-up of my experience with the course.

I am 100% happy to answer any question, anytime about my experience with the course. You can send me a PM via Messenger or an email at

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